2009 World Championships

July, 2009
Bisley, England

The F-Class World Championships are held every four years at different hosting countries, similar to the Olympic Games.

The 2009 F-Class World Championship was held in Bisley, England in July 2009. This was a true international event that had numerous countries from all over the world with close to 300 of the world's best shooters participating. The teams and shooters from each country shot in several formats:

  1. Eight Man Team for the World Championship Team Title.
  2. Four Man Team for the Rutland Cup.
  3. World Champion title for the individual shooters.

In a hard-fought battle on the home turf of the British Team, the following were the results:

8 Man Team :      World Championship Title
Gold Medal :       Great Britain 3436/230V
Silver Medal :      United States 3377/234V
Bronze Medal :   South Africa 3337/188V

4 Man Rutland Cup Title
Gold Medal :       United States 1660/107V
Silver Medal :      Great Britain 1646/104V
Bronze Medal :   Connecticut Yankees 1645/84V

Individual Title
Gold Medal :      Gary Costello, GB 458/44V
Silver Medal :     Dess Parr, GB 456/36V
Bronze Medal :   Grant Taylor, Scotland 455/30V