Spotting Scope vs Binocular for Birding – Which is Your Choice?

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Advantages of using a spotting scope for birding
Spotting scopes are a perfect choice for long-distance bird watching. They have better magnifications hence a larger image of the bird is seen

Advantages of using binoculars for birding
Wider field of view hence easy tracking of birds
Compact binoculars for birding are extremely portable and easy to carry around
Bright and clear images at short distances


What’s Scout Rifle And Why Should You Own One?

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The rifle was intended for use on long distances hence the allowance for a sling. The extra weight can be taken by scout scopes, but this also means scope selection for a scout rifle is crucial to meet with the scout criteria. The ideal scout scope needs to be low-mounted, low-powered, long-eye relief and one placed forward for action. Such a scope could allow the shooter to have both eyes open to be aware and alert of the immediate surroundings. The scope is mounted with stripper clips and a quick single-round loading.

The caliber should be able to take down any threat of up to 1000lbs with just a single shot. The preferred caliber is the .308 Winchester. However, bigger calibers can be used if more power is needed. You can also use the .243 caliber is you’re a frail shooter.

Important Reasons to Start Using a Hunting Rangefinder

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With a quality pair of scopes, you can easily spot game from a distance and take an accurate shot. However, if the range if not right, then you’re most likely going to miss. Why? Because your range was not correct! Adding a hunting rangefinder will ensure pinpoint accuracies. While this might seem like more expenses on your hunting gear, it should not bother you. Most hunting rangefinders are affordable and easily available.

Hunting rangefinders eliminate any guesswork from your hunting. While some of the experienced hunters try to trust their guesswork, it is never that accurate. This device provides you with accurate distances between you and the target. Accurate distance from your rifle to your target is important when looking to make accurate shots. The rangefinder device will send a laser beam to the target and measure the distance.