What is IWB and How to Choose?

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Do you have a permit to carry a firearm? Do you meet all the recommendations to move around with it, but you don’t want it to be evident to everyone that you are carrying a gun? Then, all you need is an IWB holster. But what is IWB? Well, that’s one of the focuses of this article.

For a
start, we’ll explain, briefly what IWB means, and, most importantly, how you
can choose the best one in the market.

What is IWB?

IWB Holsters or Inside the Waistband is the standard and ideal recommendation for conceal carry. They are designed to cover and are meant for a comfortable carry. For that reason, you can move around all day without any pain.

the waistband must be designed to last for a considerable number of times, in
fact decades. Also, it must be adjustable so that you can carry holster
retention and carry position to the right preference you want.

individuals who use inside the waistband holster or IWB do because of the ease
of use. IWB holsters often perfectly keep a person’s concealed carry near the
hand used in the shooting. In comparison to the Outside the waistband holster,
or OWB, IWB are an excellent option. They conceal a gun easier than the
waistband holsters.

inside the waistband are just not one-size-fits-all items. They are designed to
measure up to the concealed carry needs of a lot of people with varying

Sadly, not all IWB holsters are designed well, thereby when you want to purchase one with your hard-earned money; here are tips to consider so you can choose the best in the market. Check the great guide from Bobergarms.com

camping gear for hunting

Camping Gear for Hunting

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The first and most important gear to consider is those that cover your shelter. Under this category, you need a quality tent for camping. The type of tent selected depends on the location of camping, time of the year and the number of persons that will use the tent. There are varieties of camping tents to consider offering you protection from cold and other harsh weather elements

Hunters with essential quality gear can be sure of more enjoyable and comfortable hunting while camping. Do not compromise on your comfort and safety when outdoors. Make sure you have a checklist of all the essential camping gear before heading out to the woods. You can always check your checklist and test most of these gears a few days before D-Day.

Lastly, make sure you have the right kind of weapon for the hunt. After all, you cannot go hunting without weapons. You can use rifles, shot handguns, bows, and arrows. The choice of the weapon comes down to the target game and personal preference. If arrows and bows give the most satisfaction, then consider them. For hunting with your favorite rifle, make sure to have the right rifle scope and a powerful rifle.


What Type of Holster is Best for Concealed Carry?

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There are different styles of IWB holsters ranging from a single leather material to a multi-material hybrid. While these holsters are great at concealing, they can be difficult to draw. You need to spend time practicing and perfecting your draw. Moreover, the holster tends to be a little uncomfortable during the hot summer months.

A belly band holster is one of the most preferred methods for carrying handguns by women. It is a perfect choice holster, especially when undertaking various athletic activities. You can walk, jog and run with a belly band holster.

Apart from these methods, you can also consider the ankle holsters, pocket holster and cross draw holster. Choosing a concealed carry holster comes down to what best works for you. Travis Pike from HolsterAddict.com published a perfect guide for whom interested in choosing a good concealed carry holster that you should check it out. Make sure the holster is concealable, safe and feels comfortable to wear for extended use.

However, belly band holsters are not quick at drawing since they keep the gun so close to the body. Re-holstering also tends to a little difficult.

This is another excellent concealed carry holster on the list to consider buying. The holster attaches to the outside of your pants. An OWB holster will not dig into your boy when seated. Moreover, this holster is one of the easiest to draw from. It also gives you a good grip on the entire hand.


Spotting Scope vs Binocular for Birding – Which is Your Choice?

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Advantages of using a spotting scope for birding
Spotting scopes are a perfect choice for long-distance bird watching. They have better magnifications hence a larger image of the bird is seen

Advantages of using binoculars for birding:
1. Wider field of view hence easy tracking of birds
2. Compact binoculars for birding are extremely portable and easy to carry around
3. Bright and clear images at short distances

It is portable, compact and easy to carry around. You can carry it around the neck and view birds with ease. For more details, you can read more about all kinds of binoculars included hunting, compact and birding binoculars on OpticsAddict.com.