Camping Gear for Hunting

camping gear for hunting

Camping outdoors and hunting at the same time is fun and exciting. However, it brings with it the challenge of carrying the right gear. It means getting away from the comfort of your home and experiencing the harsh weather elements.

Luckily for most hunters, technology has made camping when hunting a lot easier. You can easily find a sturdy and extremely lightweight backpacking tent than ever before. This means being able to traverse the mountains with your tent and setting a camp virtually anywhere in the wild. However, a tent for camping is not all that hunters need. This is the case especially if you’re going to spend a day or two in the woods. There are several camping gears for hunting that one requires before adventuring into the woods or mountains

So, what other camping gear for hunting does one require?

Getting the essential hunting gears will help you hunt smarter and finish camping chores faster. This means more fun and better sleep even when in the wild.

Essential camping gear for hunting

You need gears for camping and hunting if your trip is to be a success. Below, we discuss the various essential gears that every hunter must-have when camping. The gear fall under 5 major categories of:


The first and most important gear to consider is those that cover your shelter. Under this category, you need a quality tent for camping. The type of tent selected depends on the location of camping, time of the year and the number of persons that will use the tent. There are varieties of camping tents to consider offering you protection from cold and other harsh weather elements

Apart from the tent, make sure you carry quality sleeping bags for comfortable sleeping at night. Carrying a full-size mattress is not an option since you need to travel lightweight. You need to pack light to allow for the safe transportation of your backpack. Make sure the tent is spacious and gives you ample space to sleep and stretch your legs.


Under clothing, you need to dress properly to withstand harsh weather elements in the hunting area and camping area. Make sure you wear a quality hunting boot. Avoid light shoes like sandals and rubbers that cannot withstand harsh terrains and rocks.

Next, make sure you have the right kind of apparel to match the weather conditions. Look for lightweight clothes that retain heat to keep you warm. You can also consider clothes with camouflage patterns to keep you hidden from animals in the wild. You can also carry winter gloves if hunting during the winter season. Conditions out there in the woods can change pretty fast. Make sure you have a rain jacket in case the weather changes suddenly.

Food and water

You need to stock a good amount of food portion and water to last you for several days. You will be surprised how fast one gets hungry after tracking your target for hours. Carry ready-made food or food that takes little time to prepare. You can also carry energy snacks and bars since they are lightweight and greatly boost your energy levels.

Never plan for the kill as part of your food as there is no guarantee of getting a kill. Some hunting like deer hunting takes several days of tracking before one can get their kill.

Personal item

Personal items are also crucial making your life when hunting and camping a lot more comfortable. They include things like a first aid kit, means of lighting like a flashlight, skinning knife, tablets, etc. the first aid kit needs to feature basic items like bandages, common medicines like painkillers, wet wipes and much more.

You need to prepare for any eventuality on the field. A small cut might affect the entire adventure if you don’t have a well-stocked first aid kit.


Lastly, make sure you have the right kind of weapon for the hunt. After all, you cannot go hunting without weapons. You can use rifles, shot handguns, bows, and arrows. The choice of the weapon comes down to the target game and personal preference. If arrows and bows give the most satisfaction, then consider them. For hunting with your favorite rifle, make sure to have the right rifle scope and a powerful rifle.

However, remember to have a safe lockbox for the weapon especially when camping out with children. You need to have your firearms safely locked when not in use.

Final verdict

Hunters with essential quality gear can be sure of more enjoyable and comfortable hunting while camping. Do not compromise on your comfort and safety when outdoors. Make sure you have a checklist of all the essential camping gear before heading out to the woods. You can always check your checklist and test most of these gears a few days before D-Day.

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