F-Class Rifle Team Announces New Officers For 2019 Team

Vanessa Warner, Adjutant
Eric Bair, Captain
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SSGT Emil Praslick, Center Coach

With the conclusion of the 2005 World Championships the officers of the US F-Class Rifle Team stepped down making way for the new Officers: Eric Bair, Captain; Vanessa Warner, Adjutant and US Army SSGT Emil Praslick, Center Coach. All three were members of the 2005 US F-Class Team that competed in South Africa. All accepted their new positions with enthusiasm and are committed to reclaiming the title of World Champion in Great Britain in 2019.

We would like to thank the outgoing Officers: Larry Bartholome, Captain; Bob Crone, Vice Captain; Walter Stroman, Adjutant and Bob Jones, Center Coach for their hard work and devotion to the successful building of the 2005 US F-Class Team. We wish you the best of luck in your shooting endeavors.

2005 U.S.A. F-Class Team

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Front from left: Bob Crone – Vice Captain, Emil Praslick III – Line Coach, Larry Bartholome – Captain, Emil Praslick, Skip Talbot.
Center from left: Bob Bock, J.J. Conway, John Brewer, Alan Warner, Vanessa Warner, Jon Cowee, Mary Fuqua – Photographer, John Dink.
Back row from left: Bob Mead – Line Coach, Walter Stroman – Adjutant, Jim Murphy, Bill Hammers, Bill Cooney, Eric Bair, Shawn Ahrens, Bob Jones – Head Coach, Middleton Tompkins – Line Coach.

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